Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bye bye, my blog is stopped...!

It is difficult for me to manage several websites next to my activity of developer, from my portfolio to the Black Cube series, including The Icehouse Tumblr, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and so many more (forums, etc). For this reason I have taken the decision to stop updating this blog. For me it's a sad moment, because I was like at home here, it was MY website. It's been the main source of news for the Black Cube series for years, and it was convenient. But I must face the truth: there were not a lot of visitors, and it was difficult to spread the word about my projects from this blog. I'm sorry for all my followers who liked to come here (I know there were a few regular visitors here at the weekend), however it is more convenient for me to centralize most of my news and information in one single place, which is currently Facebook - and it could change in the future.

>> Black Cube News are now on Facebook <<

Don't forget to click on "follow the page" if you are a Facebook user. This is important if you want to show me your support, and to stay up to date about my next projects. There will be a lot of suprises in the next months/years (RealMYHA, Blue Moon, Boïnihi, Anterran 3, Kel Leda, ASA RJ, ATOS...), so please stay in touch!

This blog will remain opened after several years of good and loyal services. If you're a visitor who ended here with a specific reason, you may still find some info in the blog's history on the right. A lot of articles had been posted in order to share updates on my past projects (ASA, Myha, Catyph and Anterran 1&2 mainly).

See you soon on FB, or feel free to get in touch by email if you have specific questions!  

Thank you for following me during all these years, and for your continuous support!