Friday, September 23, 2016

Catyph: Final version and price drop

Hello everyone,

I would like to warmly thank those of you who supported my work by purchasing Catyph and/or ASA. It really, really encourages me continuously when I see day after day that there are several passionate people all around the world who still enjoy 2D Myst-like games. Thank you!! As you know I have put a lot of efforts during the 2 years of development of Catyph, trying to please both the fans of the original Myst games and the fans of ASA. I know that some of the features in Catyph may be surprising (in the wrong way I mean - such as the Blue Matter System) but it's also part of the job of a developer to try new things. We don't want all the games to be identical! Other things could have been improved (gameplay/navigation), but I think it's important not to give up at the beginning of the game. The region of Kynan (that you can try in the playable demo) is far from being the most interesting and representative place of the game. imo

Also, I have decided to write this news in order to announce and explain a price drop. The game was originally released at $19.99 on Steam and you might have noticed the new price of $14.99. First I sincerely hope that you will not be furious if you paid the high price (at least keep in mind that it was the best way to support my work and it counts a lot).
The reason of this price drop is not related to the lack of success of the game, and it is not a marketting strategy. It is true that I didn't sell a lot of copies, but that was more or less expected with that kind of project, and my lack of exposure in the medias. Changing the price was not either a way to celebrate the end of Summer (who wants to celebrate the end of the most beautiful season? ;)

More seriously, if I chose to lower the price, it is because Catyph is now in its final version. What I mean here, is that I will not bring any new update to the game. Oh don't misunderstand me: I'd be willing to continue to fix bugs for you (happily there has not been any recent feedback reporting issues). But the truth is that it has become impossible: my backup hard drive recently died, and I lost all of my precious work data. I have found no way to recover it: both ASA and Catyph files are gone forever... It is a real pain for me and for my activity, as it will never be possible to use again the 3D models that I had created for these games.
Anyway, I am now in the incapacity to fix any new bug or issue, and to release any new update. As a result I have decided that the price couldn't stay the same, and I hope that you understand why I took this decision.

It was probably the last announcement about Catyph, and the price should now stay the same for a long while (except during special targeted events such as Steam Sales).
I wish that there will still be passionate people to get interested in these old-school games, which should continue to exist next to some more modern projects such as the recent (and very good) Obduction. That's also why we indie devs work hard: to bring diversity and different games - good or bad - but still different!