Friday, June 10, 2016

Catyph walkthrough

Catyph is too hard? You need help but you don't find the answer anywhere? No problem, the walkthrough is now available.

Some of you might remember that I had shared a walkthrough with ASA in 2013: it was available as a bonus with the game, so everyone could read it immediately. Then why wasn't it provided again with Catyph? Several reasons:

- first, many people complained that the walkthrough was provided. It was too easy to look at it immediately at the first difficulty, and there was no need to build a community to help each other.

- second, there is the help system in the game, which is a kind of integrated walkthrough. It might not be perfect, but most adventurers should find here the answers to the most difficult puzzles.

- third, I wanted to try to be close to the players, and help them on forums when they ask questions. Unfortunately it didn't work because there hasn't been so many questions, and also I have been offline for over 3 weeks because of technical issues.

Anyway, it's been a month now that the game is released, and it would seem that several people are looking for a walkthrough to play with, so here it is:

Have fun!