Friday, June 10, 2016

All about Catyph

Everything that was said about the game has been summarized on The Icehouse:

Let’s end the week with a complete summary of the last news around Catyph, about things that happened since the release of the game on May 11th.

First of all, you can learn more about the game, and purchase it from the homepage:
You’ll find our Self-Published DVDs, the game on Steam and Humble.
We’ve also just added the game on, which will allow you to purchase and play without going through Steam: totally DRM-free!

You might also be interested in listening to the Original Soundtrack. Many people told us how they’ve been impressed by the quality of this OST, composed by the guys of Karreo. If you do like their work, don’t forget to support them with a bit of money (you can also download it for free, but your help will be very apreciated). At least, please consider adding a comment on their page :)

On another point, the Kiboochan/Black Cube special collector pack has been sold, and we would like to sincerely thank Greg for his purchase.
You might also want to check the artbook of Catyph. It contains the Making Of and almost all the pictures from the game, along with other artworks. Yes it’s expensive because it’s self-published on demand, but it’s beautiful with a very nice hardcover.

We don’t forget either the release of the first Anterran book in cooperation with artist John Carvajal! Still available to read online for free, or purchase your printed copy.

Simon has also published the complete walkthrough of the game. Very useful!

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of sites and people who talked of Catyph. Thanks a lot to each of you:
(dutch info and review)
Planète Aventure (french, Simon available on the forums)
Just Adventure (release announcement)
Game Sphere (french, info)
GoodGameAll (french, info, video walkthrough in progress)
Indiemag (french, game presentation)

And finally, a very long interview (in French…) with Simon, developer of the game. Read it here on Extralife!