Friday, May 13, 2016

The Black Cube Kiboo

Kiboochan is a French artist who creates cute monsters and other mysteries. The world of her "Kiboos" is varied and very funny. Sometimes they travel in the world of other artists, and as a result you could see Kiboos in the world of Miyazaki, or Kiboos in the world of Starwars. Today we have a very special edition: a Kiboo in the world of the Black Cube!

It is a cooperation that we have been preparing since the month of April for the release of Catyph. It might not be obvious, but cooperating with another artist takes time and needs some prepares! And Kiboochan needed some time too, in order create the figurine: it is created by hand after all. This is not one of these printed 3D models, nor a figurine produced in a a large quantity in China!!

The Black Cube Kiboo is unique, there is only one single copy in the world. As a result, we have decided to sell it in a collector edition with other interesting goodies. This unique collector package might seem expensive but it is the cost of a figurine of Kiboo + the manufacturing + shipping of the other objects. We don't really plan to make money from it, and we know that it might never be sold. But we wanted to do it: if someone in the world likes to collect all kind of things from video games, and wants something special from the Black Cube series, it is your chance!

You can learn more about the Black Cube Kiboo on this special page:

Content of the pack: