Thursday, May 12, 2016


If you have already played ASA: A Space Adventure, you know that the diary of Forte tells about the Anterran people, the creators of the Cubes and the Ark. Yes but, who are they? Can they be powerful beings with a very advanced technology? Why don't we know more about them? It is surprising that there is no trace of them on such an advanced spaceship such as the Ark.

If you are curious to know more, there might be some interesting details in Catyph, but the best chance to discover the truth is probably to read ANTERRAN, a new comics series that I created with a great illustrator living in the US, John Carvajal.

The first issue of ANTERRAN is already available, including free reading online, and we plan to release the second one in a few months, whatever the success of this first book, because we believe in this project.

John will tell you more about this first book:

"It’s finally here! It’s exciting to see all these projects culminate into one big project! It was so much fun working with Simon on his Prequel story for the Black Cube Universe.

Here are direct links to Anterran #1 (Day 0)

Read online on Issuu (free preview):

Get a Digital download on Gumroad (which is currently a Pay what you want for a limited time):

Get a physical copy from CreateSpace:

There’s something for everyone!
Thank you to everyone, and I hope you all enjoy!"
John Carvajal