Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Catyph launch trailer & DVD

Oh, if you're now used to follow me on the Icehouse blog, you've probably already seen the information below (if not, please follow the Icehouse blog or FB, where I write most of the news, and where I share a happy relationship with talented people!).

I just can't realise (yet) that the release of Catyph is tomorrow. After 2 years of work!! It's still a little blurry in my head, like a dream in the morning, when you don't know if you've woken up or not. So... here's the Launch Trailer - a way for me to understand that yes, the game does exist in its totality, it's not just an illusion!

Anyway, tomorrow will be full of surprises. Surprises for me, because I still don't know how you will welcome the game, and how many of you will want to discover this new slideshow adventure. And surprises for you too, because moon Tytaah is vast, and there are many places to explore.
I don't even talk of the other surprises. Oh, you'll see tomorrow, but at least I can reveal the Catyph DVD. It is available now, and you can purchase it with ASA Remastered (and maybe Myha?) if you want to reduce shipping costs.

So, rendez-vous tomorrow?