Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Catyph is released

Well, whatever happens now, it is a great day for me. The end of a very long journey... Catyph is released on Steam, it's up to you now!

This new release (my second "real" game after ASA) also comes with other new things in which I put a lot of efforts, with the help of other people from The Icehouse Collective:

- Catyph digital version (Steam, and Humble soon)

- Catyph DVD version (self-published)

- Catyph Original Soundtrack by Karreo

- Catyph special booklet, Introduction to the OT language

- Black Cube Kiboo figurine, collector edition by Kiboochan

- ANTERRAN comic book, issue #1 by John Carvajal

- Catyph artbook, including the Making of the game

- The Day Zero Album, special soundtrack by Sam Oz

Thanks a lot for supporting me during the past 2 years, when I was working alone at home, with no money. It's been tough but interesting.