Friday, May 13, 2016

The Black Cube Kiboo

Kiboochan is a French artist who creates cute monsters and other mysteries. The world of her "Kiboos" is varied and very funny. Sometimes they travel in the world of other artists, and as a result you could see Kiboos in the world of Miyazaki, or Kiboos in the world of Starwars. Today we have a very special edition: a Kiboo in the world of the Black Cube!

It is a cooperation that we have been preparing since the month of April for the release of Catyph. It might not be obvious, but cooperating with another artist takes time and needs some prepares! And Kiboochan needed some time too, in order create the figurine: it is created by hand after all. This is not one of these printed 3D models, nor a figurine produced in a a large quantity in China!!

The Black Cube Kiboo is unique, there is only one single copy in the world. As a result, we have decided to sell it in a collector edition with other interesting goodies. This unique collector package might seem expensive but it is the cost of a figurine of Kiboo + the manufacturing + shipping of the other objects. We don't really plan to make money from it, and we know that it might never be sold. But we wanted to do it: if someone in the world likes to collect all kind of things from video games, and wants something special from the Black Cube series, it is your chance!

You can learn more about the Black Cube Kiboo on this special page:

Content of the pack:

Thursday, May 12, 2016


If you have already played ASA: A Space Adventure, you know that the diary of Forte tells about the Anterran people, the creators of the Cubes and the Ark. Yes but, who are they? Can they be powerful beings with a very advanced technology? Why don't we know more about them? It is surprising that there is no trace of them on such an advanced spaceship such as the Ark.

If you are curious to know more, there might be some interesting details in Catyph, but the best chance to discover the truth is probably to read ANTERRAN, a new comics series that I created with a great illustrator living in the US, John Carvajal.

The first issue of ANTERRAN is already available, including free reading online, and we plan to release the second one in a few months, whatever the success of this first book, because we believe in this project.

John will tell you more about this first book:

"It’s finally here! It’s exciting to see all these projects culminate into one big project! It was so much fun working with Simon on his Prequel story for the Black Cube Universe.

Here are direct links to Anterran #1 (Day 0)

Read online on Issuu (free preview):

Get a Digital download on Gumroad (which is currently a Pay what you want for a limited time):

Get a physical copy from CreateSpace:

There’s something for everyone!
Thank you to everyone, and I hope you all enjoy!"
John Carvajal

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Catyph is released

Well, whatever happens now, it is a great day for me. The end of a very long journey... Catyph is released on Steam, it's up to you now!

This new release (my second "real" game after ASA) also comes with other new things in which I put a lot of efforts, with the help of other people from The Icehouse Collective:

- Catyph digital version (Steam, and Humble soon)

- Catyph DVD version (self-published)

- Catyph Original Soundtrack by Karreo

- Catyph special booklet, Introduction to the OT language

- Black Cube Kiboo figurine, collector edition by Kiboochan

- ANTERRAN comic book, issue #1 by John Carvajal

- Catyph artbook, including the Making of the game

- The Day Zero Album, special soundtrack by Sam Oz

Thanks a lot for supporting me during the past 2 years, when I was working alone at home, with no money. It's been tough but interesting.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Catyph launch trailer & DVD

Oh, if you're now used to follow me on the Icehouse blog, you've probably already seen the information below (if not, please follow the Icehouse blog or FB, where I write most of the news, and where I share a happy relationship with talented people!).

I just can't realise (yet) that the release of Catyph is tomorrow. After 2 years of work!! It's still a little blurry in my head, like a dream in the morning, when you don't know if you've woken up or not. So... here's the Launch Trailer - a way for me to understand that yes, the game does exist in its totality, it's not just an illusion!

Anyway, tomorrow will be full of surprises. Surprises for me, because I still don't know how you will welcome the game, and how many of you will want to discover this new slideshow adventure. And surprises for you too, because moon Tytaah is vast, and there are many places to explore.
I don't even talk of the other surprises. Oh, you'll see tomorrow, but at least I can reveal the Catyph DVD. It is available now, and you can purchase it with ASA Remastered (and maybe Myha?) if you want to reduce shipping costs.

So, rendez-vous tomorrow?

Monday, May 9, 2016

It's the Black Cube week!

I'm beginning the Black Cube week: one week dedicated to my main series because, as you probably know, it will welcome a new episode this Wednesday, May 11th. Catyph: The Kunci Experiment is ready (I hope), and should be available on Steam and self-published DVD on The Icehouse site ( And maybe on the Humble Store too? We'll see if I can do it.

In the meantime, you can read this beautiful comic strip written and illustrated by my friends Olivier and Cécile from the Atelier Sentô, who work on a great upcoming game: The Coral Cave ( and

Atelier Sentô was kind enough to get involved in the Beta Test of Catyph (you'll see their names in the credits), and they REALLY helped me fix issues and bugs. If there are remaining problems in the game that we didn't succeed to find, at least it won't be due to a lack of testing! Here's what happened to them during the Beta Test:

Read the full article in French on Indiemag with photos of me with Atelier Sentô in Annecy, during their exhibition in 2015.