Tuesday, March 8, 2016

When ASA meets Rhem

During the last week-end, I have had the chance to receive a beautiful surprise: a nice message from a person that you are many to know: M. Knut Müller, the creator of Rhem! I hesitated to share about it here, because it was a personal private message. I just can't find the good words to describe my feelings, but I was very happy of course.  He has recently been playing ASA a little bit and he likes it, despite taking all his time to progress in the game. Games like ASA only exist thanks to the creators of Myst and Rhem,  they're series that wrote a large part of the History of adventure games. Now I really want even more to make Catyph a good game. Talking of it, I should be able to give some good news very soon, so stay around here!

Learn more about Rhem (and eventually purchase it): http://rhem-game.com/

There was a long, interesting interview of Knut Müller and his projects here: