Saturday, September 12, 2015

Summer is gone

If you're curious about my projects, you probably realised that I have not posted any single news here since the month of July. I have been very busy this Summer, working very hard on Catyph, and I wanted to be "at peace" during that time, in order to make as many progress as possible with the development of the game. I am happy to say that it was productive: I have assembled 3 of the 8 regions of the game in Visionaire Studio, for a gameplay of about 3~5 hours already. The 5 next regions can be programmed quite quickly in 2 or 3 months, because all the graphics are finished. I still plan to release Catyph by the end of 2015 or beginning 2016, on Steam and the Adventure Gamers shop.

I also took 2 weeks to go on holidays and change my mind. Having my head in the stars all the time is quite exhausting, so going back to green was beneficial. Since I have returned, I have been working on a new trailer of the game, that I will try to share with everyone on next week.

On another subject:
some people have asked me how they could get in touch with me and discuss of my projects day after day. Anyone can feel free to contact me by email (even if I cannot always reply - I will have to avoid long discussions). However I am always doing my best to be available on the internet, and you can find me easily on several video games forums.
For French people: Planete Aventure and
For the others: Adventure Gamers. 
And more. But I can't be everywhere, unfortunately.

You can also follow my work on The Icehouse ( where all the news about my projects are forwarded sooner or later. You can get in touch directly with me through the facebook page of The Icehouse too! It would be great if our collective could have more than 62 followers :)

I hope all of you also had a very nice Summer this year, and could take a few days to relax. I'll be back soon with some news about Catyph, so stay tuned!