Monday, July 6, 2015

Catyph - graphics finished

This is now official, I have finished 98% of the graphics of the game. I just finished working on the ending movie which is finally quite long (over 5 minutes of animation - not bad for a single person!).
What about the 2% left you may ask? They're graphical assets that will be used in the various interfaces of the game, so they will be created during the rest of the development.

Maybe you don't realize it, but having finished the graphics of the game is really a big step, because even if it is my favorite part of the work, it is also the stage that takes the biggest efforts and time. I expect to finish the development in Visionaire Studio during Summer if everything goes well, and hopefully I can release a first private version of the full game in a September or October. I still want to release the game in 2015 and I'm doing my best. There's just so much to manage for me on my own that it's impossible to say for sure if I will be ready in time.

I would also like to share a playable demo of around 1 hour during Summer, introducing the beginning of the game, in order to show everyone what the game will be like.

Here's a summary of the game progress:

- ideas, story: 100%
- puzzles and level design: 100%
- in-game diary: 15%
- graphics: 98%
- music: 100%
- sound effects: 60%
- voices: 100%
- development/programing: 25%
- menus: 80%
- additonal features (bonuses, easy mode, translations): 0%

What else?

Just get in touch if you have questions!
Have a beautiful Summer :)