Monday, May 18, 2015

Catyph - 1st screens of Palak

I'm very happy to share, together with the Icehouse collective, the first screens of region Palak in my next game CATYPH! Palak is the 6th region that I have revealed, and it is also the last one. The previous ones were Kynan, Saad, Vysynia, Darnaha and Raju.

I will try to share more pics with you soon. The most important is that the development of the game is going well.
Despite a lot of troubles and being late (mainly because of the HD Remake of ASA - now available on Steam), I'm confident that Catyph will be interesting, and maybe a bit more mature than its predecessor, with more detailed graphics and more logical puzzles.

A lot of good things have happened lately, and for example the soundtrack of the game, composed by Karreo, is finished and ready to be implemented in the game. Of course there is still a very lot of work of development before the release - as I said, I'm late. Yet the game should release this year as expected. More news in 2015 :)