Tuesday, May 26, 2015

DVD of ASA Remastered released

The HD Remake of ASA: A Space Adventure (which is available on Steam and other stores) has recently received updates that fixed important bugs. All known issues were fixed and the game should now run fine on all supported systems. That is exactly what we were waiting for, in order to release the Icehouse self-published DVD of ASA: Remastered Edition!

As you could see in the Launch Trailer of the game, the DVD was meant to release a few days after the digital release, but finally we chose to wait a little longer and make sure that everything works perfectly. We are sorry if you have been waiting all that time!
Despite the hard work made during the Beta Test process, we know that there are always a few issues that occur after the game release, depending on everyone else' computers and settings. At least this DVD edition should be 100% working, and I think it was worth waiting for it. I have also added a few bonuses on the disc, in order to fill the free space still available after adding the game for Windows, Mac and Linux.

More details on the shop of The Icehouse!


ASA Gameplay #4

We can finally discover the 4th part of the gameplay series of ASA, created by Radimir. This time, he takes us through planet Kepler, until the discovery of planet Forte...


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Catyph 3D Fanart

My brother Yves has been modeling this great version of the astronaut as a fanart. He made it with Zbrush, with his own style, and it's really impressive when you know how challenging it can be to create a character in 3D! Many thanks, bro ;)

ASA Gameplay #3

Here's the 3rd of the very nice gameplay videos created by Radikov. It's just great to discover the game, and you'll have the possibility to use the whole series as a walkthrough of ASA. Quite useful! Thanks Radimir, good job!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Catyph - 1st screens of Palak

I'm very happy to share, together with the Icehouse collective, the first screens of region Palak in my next game CATYPH! Palak is the 6th region that I have revealed, and it is also the last one. The previous ones were Kynan, Saad, Vysynia, Darnaha and Raju.

I will try to share more pics with you soon. The most important is that the development of the game is going well.
Despite a lot of troubles and being late (mainly because of the HD Remake of ASA - now available on Steam), I'm confident that Catyph will be interesting, and maybe a bit more mature than its predecessor, with more detailed graphics and more logical puzzles.

A lot of good things have happened lately, and for example the soundtrack of the game, composed by Karreo, is finished and ready to be implemented in the game. Of course there is still a very lot of work of development before the release - as I said, I'm late. Yet the game should release this year as expected. More news in 2015 :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

ASA on MacGameStore

ASA: Remastered Edition, the HD Remake of the original game from 2013, is now officially available on MacGameStore, and its parallel site WinGameStore.
The OSX and Windows versions provided on these stores contain the latest updates.


Click on the button for the link to MacGameStore.com, or use one of the following links:

ASA: A Space Adventure - Remastered Edition
Released 5/15/2015
ASA: A Space Adventure - Remastered Edition
Released 5/15/2015

With the new updates and this late release, ASA Remastered Edition will finally be available on DVD as promised, and will be available on the Icehouse shop. More info coming soon!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

ASA-R important update for Windows, Mac and Linux

If you have purchased ASA: Remastered Edition on Steam, or Adventure Gamers Store, or another store, please download the game again (or auto-update on Steam), because important issues were fixed.

Everything is explained here:

Here's a copy of the Steam forums (from the same link):
" There was a critical bug with the savegame system of the game related to Visionaire Studio in the development:
On PCForte: after loading the game, the button of the keyboard will not work anymore.
On Kepler: after loading the game, the levers on the trees don't work anymore.

Simon and Andy, with the help of the Visionaire Studio team, have successfully fixed this bug, and the game was updated.

If you had this problem, your current savegame is definetely broken (the bug is saved inside), and we are very sorry for that. We have shared working savegames below.

Your own savegames are here:
C:\Users\[your_username]\AppData\Local\Simon Says Play\ASA Remastered\Savegames

You need to delete them, or the game will still be broken.

The game was successfully updated on May 5th, 2015.

Mac and Linux versions have also been updated on May 14th, 2015.

- savegame issues (PC Forte and Kepler trees)
- launch issues on OSX and Linux (files permissions update) = should fix most error messages

Please let us know if there are any problems with the new updates.
Update ---

If you had the issue with the PC Forte or the Kepler trees, you can use the following guide and download working savegames.

- go to C:\Users\[your_username]\AppData\Local\Simon Says Play

- your config files could be broken by the VS savegame issue (before the update), so it's recommended to do some clean up: rename the ASA Remastered folder to something else (backup, for example)

- then you have 2 choices:

(1) start a new game from the beginning - it should be clean and 100% working
(2) use the savegames provided by Simon

If you choose (2):

- download the new files here:

- extract the content of this archive into the Simon Says Play folder (see above)

- now you should have a new ASA Remastered folder, with the working savegames inside.

- play the game and load one of the 3 savegames.

About the savegames provided ---

- you have found the diary memory cards from the Teleport room, the Greenhouse and the Control room (january, february, march).
- the safe in the greenhouse was opened
- the light in the control room was turned on
- the blue memory card (translation) was inserted in the device of PC Forte
- the Terran keyboard was sucessfully plugged on PC Forte
- the additional commands were found in the "personal" file on PC Forte

- everything from savegame1
- the command to open the airlock was entered successfully
- airlock opened

- everything from savegame2
- you have the diary memory card from the Bridge (april).
- you have landed on Kepler and walked until the levers on the trees
!!! the trap with the wooden jail was not activated (doesn't infer with the rest of the game)

Good luck, and once again, we apologize for all this mess!

ASA Gameplay #2

This is the second video of Radicov Gameplay that covers the whole ASA game. There are some spoilers but if you're uncertain to play the game someday, it's worth watching it!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

ASA Gameplay #1

I was quite excited when "Radikov Gameplay" sent me this video of gameplay of ASA: A Space Adventure. This is only the first one of a series, in order to cover the whole game, so I have decided to share his future videos of the game too. I know he really played ASA with passion, and would really like to play Catyph too. This is a good way to discover the game if you don't feel ready to purchase it now, so please have a look at the video and consider sharing it if you like. Thanks!