Tuesday, March 31, 2015

No GOG release / Savegame bug / future

Hi everyone,
here's a list of updates on my projects since the release of ASA Remastered. 

No GOG release
several of you asked me if there would be a GOG release of ASA: Remastered Edition. I have contacted GOG some time ago and shared the game with them. We have received their answer this morning: it's no, and we are sorry if you were looking for this version. There won't be a GOG release of the game. I won't give the details, but they're "not convinced" and not encouraged by the "lack of attention on Steam". We can understand...

Icehouse DVD
I remember that there were a few people waiting for the Icehouse self-published DVD of ASA. This DVD is still in progress and I have even purchased a copy for myself, to check the quality. We thought it would be ready this week, unfortunately, a critical bug has just been found in the game (see below), and we want to fix it before the physical release.

Savegame bug
Regarding this bug, it was found by people playing with the Steam version, but we know that it happens on all versions.

Description of the bug: 
You play and everything is working fine, but you're tired and decide to make a manual savegame and quit the game. When you load your savegame later, you discover that a button or hotspot is not working anymore and looks like disabled. Whatever you try, you cannot continue the game and solve the puzzle: you're stuck. It happens on PC Forte and planet Kepler, and maybe in other scenes.

It is a bug in the manual savegame system, and it is related to the Visionaire Studio software. As you know, ASA was developed with Visionaire, and we have asked their team to help us fix this issue. As soon as they release an update of their soft, this issue should be fixed.

Temporary solution:
While you play, do not use the manual savegames. Use the autosave feature instead. There are quite a lot of autosave points. For example everytime you come back to the Central Room of the Ark, the game is automatically saved. The autosave is temporarily disabled if you have just saved, and will be available again after 1 minute.

About the future of my games:
As you probably know, I had decided to create ASA Remastered Edition after the game was greenlit on Steam, and particularly because there were many technical issues in ASA Original Edition created with Adventure Maker, which is quite an old engine.
I had hope that ASA Remastered would convince GOG this time, and that the game would run fine on most computers. I have to admit that I am disapointed, and as a result, tired. However I will not give up and will continue to fight in order to solve the last issues with this version, and in order to release Catyph in the best circumstances. However, I am seriously thinking to use a new graphic engine to replace Visionaire Studio. I am looking for something even more reliable, where I wouldn't have all these bugs, and maybe I will try to learn Unity or another software - I don't know yet (maybe I will just keep Visionaire). Catyph would still be a 2D game (made of prerendered backgrounds) but I absolutely want  to avoid all these problems after the release. I think it's important that I increase my skills with Unity someday, and that my future games use this tool (or another one like UDK), but on the other hand it's a real challenge for me alone, and it could delay even more the release of Catyph. I have not taken any decision yet and I will let you know as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I hope you like ASA Remastered Edition, despite these unexpected issues, and I hope that you're still waiting for Catyph. If you want to encourage me and my work, the best thing to do is help me get more visibility, and so, to spread the word about my games as much often as possible, the release of ASA, the upcoming Catyph, or The Icehouse collective (TheIcehouse.fr). You can help me and my collective on Facebook, on Tumblr or anywhere else, and we'd be honored to have more followers! I really need your help this way. Thank you very much -Simon.