Thursday, March 5, 2015

Following the release of ASA Remastered

ASA: Remastered Edition released yesterday on Steam. You also have now the possibility to purchase the game on the Zodiac Store here

There has been a few problems with the Mac and Linux versions on Steam: they were not launching at all from the Steam application. It seems that we have successfully solved the issue - we hope!

If anyone has any problem to run the game, it is important to tell us as soon as possible. Please contact us by email on The Icehouse, or on my personal website
We will work to fix such an issue as fast as possible.

The DVD edition will be available in a few days, as soon as we are sure that the game works fine on all machines.

Quite a lot of youtubers have received a free Steam key on request. We hope you will have the opportunity to discover the game thanks to them. Have a look on youtube from time to time to see if you find interesting videos about ASA Remastered!

Have you seen this wonderful watercolor by Atelier Sentô, on their blog or on The Icehouse? Olivier and Cécile are working on a very beautiful handmade point & click named The Coral Cave. I am following their work since several months now, and I love it. Have a look too!