Friday, January 30, 2015

ASA Remastered/Original comparison #3

Another series of comparative pictures between the original and the remastered versions of ASA. They have not just been upscaled in photoshop: they were totally re-rendered from the original 3D scenes in a higher resolution.

Friday, January 23, 2015

ASA artbook

To celebrate the 200th article on this blog, I have a little present!

You may know that I have been working last year on a self-published artbook of ASA? It contains almost all the 900+ backgrounds in 3D from the original game, along with some watercolors and wireframe views, showing how the pictures were created.

The printed version is quite expensive (because of self-publishing prices) but the result is very good in my opinion, as you can see in the photos below. However, because of the too high price of this book, I have decided to release for free a preview PDF that you can read for free on the link below:

Read ASA artbook on Issuu

You can turn pages by clicking in the dark grey areas on the border of your screen. Enjoy!

I plan to release the same kind of book for Catyph later, except that it will have even more content, with a making of and pictures taken during the development process.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

ASA Remastered/Original comparison #2

This is a new series of comparative screenshots between the original version of ASA and the new version. Once again, the difference is much easier to see in fullscreen, and once again, the GIF compression (which won't be visible in the final game, of course) doesn't allow the Remastered Edition to show at its best. Yet I hope you can see the difference and like it. ASA: Remastered Edition is still planned for February on Steam, let's hope we can do it in time!

Monday, January 5, 2015

ASA Remastered/Original comparison

ASA: Remastered Edition should release on Steam in a few weeks now. I thought it would be interesting to hilight the differences in the 3D environments between the Original and the Remastered Editions, so I’ve created a series of animated GIF that will allow you to compare the result. Here are the 3 first ones. You cannot really see it in the thumbnails, so you’ll have to enlarge each screenshot to fullscreen - then you’ll discover that the changes are sometimes very important. The original game was running in 1024x432, and as a result the upscaled pics are blurry and lack of details. Now the Remastered Edition runs in HD 1920x800!