Sunday, December 21, 2014

Download TBT The Black Tower prototype

Hey everyone, if you are subscribed to the Icehouse Newsletter, you probably discovered that we have decided to share the playable version of TBT: The Black Tower for Christmas! Some of you here may still remember about this project and how it failed, but yet it's not totally dead. It is sure that it will never ever release in the current state (which is probably better), and maybe it won't be a JRPG at all (?), but I don't know yet!

First I need to focus on CATYPH and ASA: Remastered Edition, and then if possible, I will try new projects. Oh, just a reminder: TBT is also part of the Black Cube series :)

Please read the details about TBT and download the short early dev build on the Icehouse shop (for free), or directly on

Have fun, and happy Christmas holiday to all of you! -Simon