Saturday, October 18, 2014

The point on the development

I'm sure that the development of Catyph must seem very slow, and that some of you are starting to wonder when the game will release and what's happening. But I'm also sure that you understand how difficult and exhausting it is to create a game alone, at home!

The truth is that the development is going very well, but I've been a bit tired lately. After some small health problems, I have to be more careful and I think the game will be delayed to 2015. This is not official yet, I still need to see how the project will progress in November, but it's more likely I won't make it this year... The production of the graphics, in particular, is taking much more time than I expected. Moon Tytaah is much more vast than the Ark in ASA, plus there are video transitions between your different moves within the game. As a result, it takes me longer than I thought to build everything. 

Also, Visionaire Studio is a great engine to develop adventure games (because it's not expensive, and doesn't need a single line of code), but it has some interface problems that make the workflow very slow, compared to Adventure Maker that I had used to create A Space Adventure. Finally I expect to lose a lot of time on the localisation process, because working on texts is always complicated. I hope you understand.

All these reasons are, in my opinon, a proof of quality: better gameplay, HD graphics, 5 languages, a vast world to visit... I prefer to take more time and work carefully, in order to make Catyph the game that we all expect, even if it means releasing the game later. So please don't be disapointed if I delayed to 2015. On top of that I may have other surprises to share in the meantime. And hey! don't forget that I'm working with no money on Catyph: it's an homemade game, it's very difficult to work in these circumstances :)

If you are interested in Catyph and can't wait for it's release (really? Thank you so much! Let me know by email), I'm sure there are different things you can do actually:

Read the Catyph Making Of
which is starting to be quite complete (I have finished the Production stage).

where you can follow my different works and other artists'. The icehouse is a collective I have co-founded, so I'm very active with them. And maybe you could even subscribe to our Newsletter?

which is an early playable version of the game, even if it's very short and limited!

of the game, such as the short film or the trailers, or maybe my other short films? There are 25 on Vimeo.

that is a cooperative comic book in progress. I'm sure you saw MVEM somewhere if you played ASA! 

Indeed, don't forget that the game was Greenlit on Steam, so it should (re)release soon. I have finally received an EIN number that allows me to sell on Steam. It was difficult!

Now as you can see I am working on many different things. All I could add is that I am very happy with some of my ideas of puzzles, and I'm sure you will love them too (or hate them!). So now let's wait a little while and maybe I will know more about the exact release date of the game?

To conclude, I would like to share with you this series of screenshots, that summarizes the different views that I have shared since the month of April on this blog.