Friday, May 2, 2014

The beginning of the Black Cube, and the end of Forté

"The security cable that was attached to his spacesuit was always a problem. Philip Forté hated it. Every time that he went out into Space, he first had to twist like a contortionist in order to reach the buckle on his back, get hold of the little chrome latch hanging at the end of the cable and clip it in firmly to make sure that it couldn’t detach. And then to have to tighten the locknut with stiff gloves,he needed even greater patience and skill! However,that is not what was really annoying Philip at that particular moment, the cable having been successfully secured several minutes earlier.The fundamental problem was quite different: the steel cable was far too short for his liking: he always ended up with his feet tangled, and most importantly, he could not spacewalk freely in the weightlessness and go everywhere he wanted to! He had gone out into Space so many times in his life that he was confident of being safe anywhere, even without this very annoying security device.And although he was aware of the dangers, he would have loved to jump into the void and touch the stars!"
Beginning of the book La Tour de l’Espace - project Black Cube by Simon Mesnard. Thanks to RKT for the translation!