Saturday, May 3, 2014

ExtGame of the day : Chilie

In ExtGames, I present you other small indie games created by people like me, who try to work at home by passion, with no (or low) funds. These games are usually quite unknown of the public but may deserve a bit of attention. If you like the idea and heard of other games that deserve to appear in this category, contact me !

ExtGame of the day : Chilie by Yves (Beckoning Cat)
Chilie is an indie video game made by a single person. You can play the full version for free on iOS and Android, or you can support this work and buy it on PC (Desura) for 3.99€.

The homepage of Chilie is
You'll find the links to the get the game on iOS, Android and Desura on the homepage.

Chilie is a little girl searching for her mother with the help of her guardian, a young man who drives his truck in a fancy China. 

From her suspicious eyes and red hair, you can easily understand that Chilie is not like any other child of her age. Chilie fishes with grenades or… cucumbers. It depends on the situation. That’s a special technique, do you believe it? She loves eating red peppers as if they were candies or chocolate! It’s just the way she is! But most of all, Chilie loves numbers.
This casual brain-training "count’n click" game takes nothing seriously except burning your brain with (easy) mental maths, and will suddenly wake you up with QTE scenes. Are you curious? 

Chilie is a game supported by our collective The icehouse ( We just released it on Desura today, so I thought it was the good moment to write this ExtGames article. The developer, Yves, has done a wonderful job on the graphics with the successful cell-shading technique that can remind both traditional chinese paintings and video games like Okami. Even if you don't like maths, you should give a try at Chilie. She's so funny! This game will particularly please people who enjoy crazy situations in animes and mangas, and I immediately think of 2 great references: Yotsuba&! and Hare+Guu. If these titles are familiar to your ears, then do not hesitate to try Chilie. You have the choice between the free full versions for your mobile (App Store & Google Play) or play it with your keyboard arrows + mouse on PC (which is even better in my opinion). The PC version on Desura is not free but if you have 3,99€ to share, they're the best way to support the work of Yves, so he can improve his skills and develop new games in the future. Starting as an indie developer is very difficult!

You can support this atypical game and the developer on Steam Greenlight !