Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Catyph Figurine #3

Yesterday you could discover how I created the body of the astronaut with the copper wire and the Fimo paste. I took different views of the result before painting. My biggest disapointment is about the helmet, that I didn’t succeed to reproduce with more accuracy. The figurine is 15 cm height, including the cookie (sorry, the socle :p), so you can imagine how small the head is. Anyway, the modeling is far from perfect but I’m happy with it and I had a good time working on this short project.
About the painting, I didn’t meet many difficulties, except for the small size of the details. I started by covering the whole Fimo paste in black acrylic. It required 2 pass to be perfect. Then I was surprised to discover that the red paint didnn’t work well over the black one. As a result, even with 3 pass, we can still see the black under the red stripes. In the end, it was almost as long to paint than to model, because of the drying time between each pass.

The final result tomorrow !