Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Catyph Figurine #2

Sequel to the modeling of my figurine of the astronaut, hero of Catyph.

Yesterday I shared with you the tools, and some of you asked me what I was planning to do exactly with the copper wire. The answer is in the photos: I create a kind of skeleton. It’s very basic but makes things much easier in order to build the figurine. This step is very important and will define the pose of your character. For example here, I can tell that I made his legs a bit too short… Then I create balls of dough that I roll more or less, smaller or bigger, to create strands that I attach to the copper skeleton. Easy as it seems!
When the Fimo paste is starting to be delicate to manipulate, I heat it in the oven, 30min 110°C. When it’s done and cold again, I add more dough strands and balls, sometimes very very small to create the details (buttons, belt…), then I heat it again, and so on, until the modeling is finished! Anyone can do it.