Monday, March 31, 2014


I thought it was time to share a photo of me at work in the attic :) Working on Catyph, of couse.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The icehouse - artists collective

Simon Says: Watch! Play! (it's me!) joins his super powers with the ones of Beckoning Cat (another indie developer/artist), and together we have created The icehouse, an artists collective to help us promote our work. We're starting very small with 2 people (working in separate places on different projects), and we hope we will grow and share a lot of new great projects with all of you!

With this union, we simply want to make things easier in distribution and press relay for the two of us, because as you probably know, it's very difficult for indie developers to show their games all over the world. The icehouse is just an online collective with no funds and no official structure, and we absolutely don't want it to become a business. We won't support anyone with money and vice-versa (to make long things short: the icehouse is not a publisher). Each of us will stay completely independant and continue to work on his own.

Anyone with a serious project in development can join us anytime, as long as we share the same ideas. Let's help each other!

Projects that The icehouse now supports :

ASA: A Space Adventure
Mon Village est Magique
TBT: The Black Tower

Probably more to come, so follow us on our blog!

Friday, March 28, 2014

ASA -75% discount

ASA: A Space Adventure, the first game of the Black Cube series by Simon Says: Play!, will be discounted to -75% on Desura during a long period before the release of Catyph, from the 1st of May to the 1st of September 2014 (which doesn't mean that Catyph will release the 1st of September...).

Friday, March 21, 2014

Riven, a french videogame magazine, just released 2 videos about Riven - the sequel to Myst. The Myst series gave birth to the Myst-like genre, which ASA and Catyph belong to.

I was pleased to (re)discover the world of Riven in these 2 vidéos. Icing on the cake, they talk of ASA in the end of the 2nd part !!!

 For those of you who understand french language :

Gaming Live part 1
Gaming Live part 2


It's not easy to give news about a game that is in development and progresses slowly. Well, when I say "slowly", it's the usual process : creating a game always takes some time. The development of Catyph is going very well in fact! So today I've decided to show you 3 images of work in progress. There are 2 from the region of Kynan (beginning of the game), and one inside the Dome (central place, with access to the other regions). I hope I'll be back soon with more infos !

Friday, March 7, 2014

ExtGame of the day : Donald Dowell

In ExtGames, I present other small indie games created by people like me, who try to work at home by passion, with no (or low) funds. These games are usually quite unknown of the public but may deserve a bit of attention. If you like the idea and heard of other games that deserve to appear in this category, contact me !

 I could finally find a bit of free time to try a new indie adventure game lately. It doesn’t seem to be very famous, but the italian author has done a big effort to translate it into english. The name is Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barker Manor, by ApeMarina. When I started the game, I quickly realized that it was promising. The retro graphics took me back to the good old pixel era, with a very nice feeling. I liked the world of the game and the detailed graphics, with nice backgrounds.

Download :

The best, according to me, is the quality of the texts. I don’t know for an english born player if it sounds as great as it sounds for me, but the dialogues are really funny. I found here what I liked in old LucasArts classic games : comical replicas, choice of answers, weird situations, and stupid characters.
The story is simple but the way it’s turned makes it immersive :
the 80 years old Donald is bored in his retirement. Days are passing slowly and he doesn’t seem to stand his wife anymore. That’s why he takes the decision to go look for a job. He visits his little town in search for a new situation, but nobody seems ready to hire the old foggey. That’s when he discovers an anouncement to become a Ghostbuster. He suddenly realises that’s what he always wanted to do, and the game really starts here : Donald has to convince the guy to hire him !

If you’re not convinced to give it a try, I have to add that this game is… free !

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Region of Kynan finished

The development of Catyph is going well. I have finished the first area of Tytaah, the region of Kynan. Kynan is the reddish desert that you could see on previous screenshots. I estimate it to be 30 minutes long approximately, a little more if you add the opening movie and navigation in the menus. In total there will be 6 regions (including Kynan) + a small central place + another region (probably smaller).