Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New screenshots of Catyph

Even if they're not the very first screenshots I shared of Catyph: The Kunci Experiment, I have to admit that they're officially the first screenshots from the very beginning of the game. You can assume that the final graphics of the game will look like that.
However, the desertic region you can see below is very poor on purpose, and there will be much more interesting and beautiful places to visit : I promise ! This desert of reddish sand, called the region of Kynan, is saturated by incessant methane rains. Kynan is for sure the smallest area of the game and makes the transition between the Short Film Catyph (opening movie), and the Central Dome of the game where you will have access to 5 other places (and that you can see here and there from the outside). The screens also show some menus and a communication with Terra, with general Lantier talking to you on a video transmission. 

There are many more things I will have to explain about the game and the quality you should expect : animations, cutscenes, difficulty levels, music, story, localisation, puzzles, etc. They will be explained in various articles until the game is ready to release. Please be patient and wait for the next news ! I'm still announcing Catyph: The Kunci Experiment for this Summer, that is to say before the end of September 2014. We'll see how the development goes until then !

Monday, February 17, 2014

ExtGame of the day : RoonSehv

Today I'm trying a different kind of article.

In ExtGames ("Extra Games" or "External Games", translate it as you wish), I present you other small indie games created by people like me, who try to work at home by passion, with no (or low) funds. These games are usually quite unknown of the public but may deserve a bit of attention. If you like the idea and heard of other games that deserve to appear in this category, contact me !

And to begin this new series of articles, what's best than starting with a true Myst-like project ?

ExtGame of the day : RoonSehv by Denis M.
Free amateur game: First Person Puzzle, Myst-like in the world of Myst. A Parallel story to the original story.

Devblog : http://roonsehv.blogspot.fr/

Next to D’ni, a place both brutal and dark, RoonSehv was a haven of peace. Far from politics, and from squabbling guilds, RoonSehv was a place of peace where scholars, thirsty for knowledge were always pushing the limit of what was possible.
With the sun so far away from this Age, it was a dark place but yet, somehow, its atmosphere felt incredibly light… D’ni at the surface? Could it be?
I got in touch with Denis, the creator of this game. The first thing I understood was his passion : not only he answered to my email with a lot of enthusiasm, he also talked directly to me of his influence, the games he likes and the software he uses. RoonSehv is a Myst-like in a parralel world to the one in Myst : it has a strong meaning and we can be sure that a lot of surprises will await us. Denis explains on his blog that it's not the first time he tries to make this game : he already worked on it in 2004 ! At this time, the game was a slideshow adventure like Myst, Riven or ASA. Since then, he gave up for a while before coming back recently with even more motivation. What has changed is that he discovered the Unreal engine. With the help of the UDK, that he learned on his own with online tutorials in his free time, Denis has already created something beautiful and playable. Just take a look at his screenshots : it describes well his ambition to make a beautiful and exotic game in realtime ! Maybe you're curious too now. Then you'll probably be happy to learn that Denis will give the final game for free. Why ? Because it's just an experiment for him. He wants to do much better, and he already confessed that he will make a second game after this one. All we can do is wish him good luck, and a good idea is probably to visit his blog from time to time !

Friday, February 14, 2014

You are the hero of Catyph

As the hero of Catyph, you needed a new spacesuit compared to ASA. The game takes place in the same world, 5 years later, when Men discovered new technologies. As a result, the design of the suit had to be an evolution of the old one from ASA, but it also had to look more modern. Maybe in 5 more years the design will be perfect, reaching something like the suits in Mass Effect ? :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

ASA nomination

ASA: A Space Adventure has been nominated on Adventure Gamers for the Aggie2013 award. They reward the best games of the adventure genre every year.
ASA is currently running in the Best Sound Effects category.



Just thought I should remind you to check the Catyph film OST ! It released in January 22nd 2014 and is a good preview of what you can expect in the game. Some tracks like Mind the Mines are just incredible and The8thStep did an excellent job for Karreo.

 If you like the Catyph soundtrack, you could also get deeper in the ASA OST. The 2 games and worlds are linked, and the music too. Please consider buying it if you wish to support Stélian and Karreo, so they can do an amazing job on Catyph:TKE.

Story and Diary

Good news, I have finished writing in French the complete story of Catyph: The Kunci Experiment ! I hope you will like it, but at least I can say you will have a lot of details about the world and many things to read.

As soon as you landed on Tytaah (see end of the film Catyph), you're being informed that abnormal events just happend on Terra. There is a link between your arrival in the Catyph system, and the strange things happening on your Home world. You will have to investigate !

Of course, Exploration and Wonder are the main words of the game, and I will do my best to offer interesting environments.

You will also have access to a Datalog, to replace the Diary you had in ASA. The Catyph Datalog will contain informations about Catyph, Terra and many other things, including the elements of scenario that you already found. All this is being saved in the memory of MAIDEN, your AI version 2.