Friday, September 20, 2013

SciFi 2 Bundle

It's now official : ASA is in the new bundle.
Check it here if you want :

After Indie Royale...

ASA in another indie bundle ? Yes ! It should be this Friday, on ! 
Look for the SciFi 2 Bundle... Soon !
         $5 = 3 games !

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Marina's Cube

Marina sent me her own puzzle made with Adventure Maker. It's a small game she called Simon's Cube. I know she made it for me only, to thank me for making ASA. But the result is so touching and smart that I had to share it

So here is Simon's Cube by Marina :
DOWNLOAD (it's free, of course)

The aim of the game is to open the Black Cube. Will you find the solution ?

Thanks again, Marina ! And thanks to Lo Scrigno Di Atrus for the warm welcome !

The greatest tribute

This article is a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to 2 of you who did really enjoy ASA. I had to show these incredible photos !

Thanks to you Greyfuss, e grazie Struzzo. Discovering ASA in your collection of favourite Adventure Games was probably the biggest honor you could do to me.  That's exactly what gives me the strength to work on new projects in the future.

Friday, September 6, 2013

IndieRoyale Debut 4 : time's up !

The Debut 4 Bundle is over. I'd like to thank all the 6,860 people who purchased a bundle. I hope that most of you will try and like ASA: A Space Adventure.

If you have issues running the game, please read this :

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ASA on Indie Royale

!! I'm not at home, and thanks to someone I just realised that ASA finally released on Indie Royale !!! The Debut 4 Bundle now has less than 2 days left before it ends, so don't miss it ! You can get 7 indie games for a very low price (right now 3,21 €), so that's a good way to discover ASA if you don't know it yet !