Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ASA contest : result

No big surprise, nobody participated to the ASA contest except... Alex ! Congratulations !
Well, I don't know who you are Alex, but you really deserve your free version of ASA ;)
Thanks to all the participants for... uh.. I had prepared a long speech, but I'll keep it for later.
Here's the picture Alex created :

Very good ! You can find more works from Alex on his portfolio :

Monday, April 15, 2013

ASA contest : the end.

The ASA contest will end in a few hours. If you're a little late, you have some extra time to send your picture. The result will be published this week.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ASA contest : D - 5

Only 5 days left before the end of the ASA contest ! Remember : you can win a free copy of the game !

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Space Journey (audio/video showcase)


A Space Journey (ASA Main Theme) (see video below)

Pictures from the short film 2011: A Space Adventure and the game ASA: A Space Adventure
Music composed by Stélian Derenne, supervised by Jeff K-ray, Karreo

I chose some pictures from my game ASA to illustrate the main theme from its soundtrack, entitled A Space Journey. I added on purpose a "damaged film effect" to simulate a "ufo classified archives" style.

A Space Journey (Theme Principal d'ASA) (voir video ci-dessous)

Images tirées du court-métrage 2011: A Space Adventure et du jeu ASA: A Space Adventure
Musique composée par Stélian Derenne, supervisée par Jeff K-ray, Karreo

J'ai sélectionné des images de mon jeu ASA pour illustrer le thème principal de sa B.O, intitulé A Space Journey. J'ai volontairement ajouté un "effet de vieux film" pour simuler un style "d'archives secrètes sur les ovnis".

Monday, April 1, 2013

ASA contest : 15 days left

The ASA contest will close on April the 15th ! Only 2 weeks left !
Don't forget to make a small "artistic" picture and send it to me. You could win a free version of ASA !
And don't wait the very last minute before you send me your creation ;)

Le concours ASA fermera le 15 avril ! Seulement 2 semaines restantes !
N'oubliez pas de créer une petite image "artistique" et de me l'envoyer. Vous pourriez gagner une version gratuite d'ASA ! 
Et n'attendez pas le dernier moment pour me faire parvenir votre création ;)