Friday, March 15, 2013

Win ASA - contest (1 month left)

Friday the 15th of March : it means there's one month left before the end of the ASA contest to win a free key which will unlock the game on Desura. The contest ends on the 15th of April !

Maybe you are interested in participating, but you're not a great artist and don't know what you could create ? Honestly, I'm not looking for great artists ! Just have fun and make something related to ASA, and if you put your heart in your work, I'm sure you can win !

Examples of photos you can send me :

- a drawing of the hero
- a painting of the ark
- a knitting with the colors of the hero's spacesuit
- a cake with stars on it, or a salad of alien lettuce
- your own DVD collector edition
- the diary of P. Forté
- a black Cube or a Monolith as a keychain
- a small model of the Ark with an egg carton
- an artwork in 3D, pixel art, photoshop...
- a figurine with chestnuts
- ............. !

Good luck !!!
Oh, and the 1st prize-winner will receive a link to get the ASA OST with his game ;)