Monday, March 11, 2013

ASA self-publish pack

As you probably know, ASA is an indie game available for download only. So, some people who bought ASA made their own DVD boxes and sent me their photos to show me the result. They're great ! Why don't you try too ?

Why not making your own ASA edition ???? :)

Examples of homemade "Collector" set :

Easy to do, with this small package :
Download ASA self-publish pack


- burn your copy of ASA on a DVD (available on desura)
- print the DVD cover and slip it in a DVD case
- choose a DVD sticker from the package. You'll probably need a special printer with a special paper, though...

- buy the full ASA OST from Karreo/Stélian Derenne, here
- print the CD cover front and back, fold it, and slide it in a CD slim case
- choose and print a CD sticker from the package

- print your own postcards on a light cardbox from the ASA wallpapers
- keep them in the DVD box or send them to your friends
- you can make your own bonus stuff too ! 

Black die 
- make your own ASA black die with wood painted in black ! Or buy a small black cube of metal, plastic or wood.

Icing on the cake ! Keep your homemade DVD box and ASA stuff in a black cubic box !
Maybe you could add a puzzle to open this box ? :P

If you make your personal DVD box and more, send me the photos to publish them on this blog !!
Have fun !