Monday, March 18, 2013

Introducing TBT: The Black Tower


Remember : I was recently teasing on an all new project. You could discover a logo with the letters TBT and a small screenshot of a black Die hold by someone. 

It's time to tell more about this project !

This unknown 'TBT' project will be a fantasy RPG for PC and Mac fully entitled TBT: The Black Tower.
The homepage is now opened : 
where you will find a link to the TBT devblog with the first screenshots of the game.
TBT: The Black Tower is a parallel story to ASA: A Space Adventure introducing the son of Philippe Forté : Yan.
Philippe discovered a mysterious black Cube in Space in 2011 before he mysteriously disappeared. TBT begins in 2032 when Yan, a forest ranger on Terra, meets the beautiful Ellana fallen from the sky in a cloud of yellow particles, with a black Die around the neck...
You won't have to know the story of ASA which takes place years later, in 2057 (unless you want to know the story of Philippe Forté).
The game will be followed soon by a campain of crowfunding and should release in english and french in 2014. 
Rappelez-vous : Je faisais récemment du teasing sur un tout nouveau projet. Vous pouviez découvrir un logo avec les lettres TBT et une image d'un Dé noir tenu dans la main d'un inconnu.
il est temps d'en dire plus sur ce projet !
Ce projet 'TBT' inconnu sera un RPG de type fantasy sur PC et Mac intitulé TBT: The Black Tower.
Le site teaser est ouvert : 
et accompagné de quelques images sur le blog.
TBT: The Black Tower est une histoire parallèle à ASA: A Space Adventure introduisant le fils de Philippe Forté : Yan.
Philippe a découvert un mystérieux Cube dans l’espace en 2011 et a mystérieusement disparu. TBT commence en 2032 quand Yan, garde forestier sur Terra, rencontre la belle Ellana tombée du ciel dans un nuage de particules jaunes, avec un Dé noir autour du cou...
Il ne sera pas nécessaire d’avoir joué à ASA qui prend place plus tard, en 2057 (hormis pour les nombreux clins d’oeil).
Le jeu sera prochainement suivi d’une campagne de financement participatif et devrait sortir en français et anglais courant 2014.

ASA review in russian

After the review in Dutch, you can now read a review in Russian :

Though I couldn't really read it (yet I used google translation and it worked quite well), I know that they liked the game.

All reviews in a foreign language are welcome and very appreciated !

Friday, March 15, 2013

Win ASA - contest (1 month left)

Friday the 15th of March : it means there's one month left before the end of the ASA contest to win a free key which will unlock the game on Desura. The contest ends on the 15th of April !

Maybe you are interested in participating, but you're not a great artist and don't know what you could create ? Honestly, I'm not looking for great artists ! Just have fun and make something related to ASA, and if you put your heart in your work, I'm sure you can win !

Examples of photos you can send me :

- a drawing of the hero
- a painting of the ark
- a knitting with the colors of the hero's spacesuit
- a cake with stars on it, or a salad of alien lettuce
- your own DVD collector edition
- the diary of P. Forté
- a black Cube or a Monolith as a keychain
- a small model of the Ark with an egg carton
- an artwork in 3D, pixel art, photoshop...
- a figurine with chestnuts
- ............. !

Good luck !!!
Oh, and the 1st prize-winner will receive a link to get the ASA OST with his game ;)

Monday, March 11, 2013

ASA self-publish pack

As you probably know, ASA is an indie game available for download only. So, some people who bought ASA made their own DVD boxes and sent me their photos to show me the result. They're great ! Why don't you try too ?

Why not making your own ASA edition ???? :)

Examples of homemade "Collector" set :

Easy to do, with this small package :
Download ASA self-publish pack


- burn your copy of ASA on a DVD (available on desura)
- print the DVD cover and slip it in a DVD case
- choose a DVD sticker from the package. You'll probably need a special printer with a special paper, though...

- buy the full ASA OST from Karreo/Stélian Derenne, here
- print the CD cover front and back, fold it, and slide it in a CD slim case
- choose and print a CD sticker from the package

- print your own postcards on a light cardbox from the ASA wallpapers
- keep them in the DVD box or send them to your friends
- you can make your own bonus stuff too ! 

Black die 
- make your own ASA black die with wood painted in black ! Or buy a small black cube of metal, plastic or wood.

Icing on the cake ! Keep your homemade DVD box and ASA stuff in a black cubic box !
Maybe you could add a puzzle to open this box ? :P

If you make your personal DVD box and more, send me the photos to publish them on this blog !!
Have fun !

Dutch review & walkthrough !

I don't speak Dutch at all, and that's a shame because I could have made a dutch translation of ASA. However, (& just published their own review and walkthrough !
And I would warmly recommend you to read them if you're interested, because they did an impressive job, adding pictures and various indications in the walkthrough to help you understand the game more easily !

Dutch review :

and here:

Dutch walkthrough :

and here:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Special contest : win ASA on Desura !

To celebrate its release on Desura, win a key to unlock ASA: A Space Adventure !

Pour fêter sa sortie sur Desura, gagnez une clé pour débloquer ASA : A Space Adventure !

//ENG// (français plus bas)

Here's your chance to get ASA : A Space Adventure for free ! Today, saturday the 9th of march, starts a special contest ! Ow greaaaaat ! :D What must I do ?!!!

That's easy : 
make something artistic related to ASA and send me a JPG picture of it !
It can be an artwork made with your favorite software, or a photo of something else (a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, ... what you want !).
Try to express what you like in 1st person adventures, or why you love games in space for example ! You can also make a new design for the suit of the hero, or give your own vision of the Ark.
Do something cool ! And feel free to explain your work :)

Prize :
10 keys to download the current version of ASA on Desura  (1 per winner)

Rules :
- send your picture before april the 15th 2013 ! (@ my e-mail address)
- no need to subscribe anywere to participate the contest
- one single picture per participant, in JPG, with maximum 2048 pixels large
- winners will need an account on Desura to receive a key which will unlock the game for free.
- the existence of this contest has nothing to do with Desura.
- no age limit, but if you think your age or condition could influence my decision towards your work, feel free to tell me.
- if the picture has no relation to ASA, the participant will be disqualified
- nothing shocking in your picture or you will be disqualified.
- I keep the right to put an end to this contest without having to justify. 

End of contest :
The results will be displayed here on the ASA devblog in the week following the end of the contest. The 10 best pictures will be published with the usernames of the winners (the contest will be anonymous).
The 10 winners will receive their ASA free key as soon as possible.

Ressources :
If you don't know what ASA is, you can use the following ressources for your inspiration.
- english review on Adventure Gamers
- french review on
- pictures gallery
- playable demo
- ASA on Desura

Good luck !
Be a lot to participate ! Spread the word !


Voici une occasion de gagner ASA : A Space Adventure ! Aujourd'hui, samedi 9 mars, commence un concours spécial ! Oh géniaaaal ! :D Qu'est-ce que je dois faire ?!!!

C'est facile : 
faites quelque chose d'artistique en rapport avec ASA et envoyez-moi le résultat en image JPG !
Il peut s'agir d'une illustration réalisée avec votre logiciel préféré, ou bien d'une photo d'une autre oeuvre (une peinture, un dessin, une sculpture, ... ce que vous voulez !).
Essayez d'exprimer ce que vous aimez dans les jeux d'aventure à la première personne, ou pourquoi vous aimez les jeux dans l'espace, par exemple ! Vous pouvez aussi imaginer un nouveau design pour la combinaison spatiale du héros, ou représenter votre propre vision de l'Arche.
Faites un truc cool ! Et n'hésitez pas à expliquer votre oeuvre :)

Prix :
10  clés pour télécharger gratuitement la version actuelle d'ASA sur Desura  (1 par gagnant)

Règles :
- envoyez votre image avant le 15 avril 2013 ! (@ mon adresse e-mail)
- aucune inscription n'est nécessaire pour participer
- une seule image par participant, en JPG, maximum 2048 pixels de large
- les gagnants devront posséder un compte sur Desura pour recevoir la clé qui leur permettra de débloquer le jeu.
- l'organisation de ce concours n'a rien à voir avec Desura.
- pas de limite d'âge, mais si vous pensez que votre âge ou condition peut influencer ma décision finale, n'hésitez pas à m'en parler.
- si l'image n'a aucun rapport avec ASA, le participant est disqualifié
- l'image ne doit rien présenter de choquant, ou le participant sera disqualifié
- je me réserve le droit d'annuler ce concours sans avoir à me justifier. 

Fin du concours :
Les résultats seront publiés ici sur le devblog d'ASA dans la semaine suivant la cloture du concours. Les 10 meilleurs images seront publiées, accompagnées du pseudo de leur auteur (le concours restera anonyme).
Les 10 gagnants recevront leur clé dans les meilleurs délais.

Ressources :
Si vous ne connaissez pas ASA, vous pouvez utiliser les ressources suivantes pour vous inspirer.
- le test en anglais sur Adventure Gamers
- le test en français sur
- gallerie d'images
- démo jouable
- ASA sur Desura

Bonne chance !
Soyez nombreux à participer, faites passer le mot !

Friday, March 8, 2013

ASA-Desura free for first Paypal buyers !

Hi everyone, it's almost the week-end and if it's not enough a good news, I have another one :

All of you who bought ASA: A Space Adventure via Paypal "direct buy" from the homepage before the release on Desura have the possibility to ask me the Desura standalone version for free !

(ASA released on Desura Wednesday, 6th 2013)

Why offering this ?
Because that's a way to thank you for supporting ASA in its early steps.
Because at this time you didn't have many other choice than Paypal.
Because the Desura version is standalone and already includes the latest updates.

How can I have it ?
1/ Create a Desura account if you don't have one.
2/ Send me a private message on Desura from the ASA page, and give me the following info :
 - the name and e-mail address you used to purchase ASA via Paypal
 - the invoice number
 - the date of transaction
This is a way for me to check if you indeed bought ASA from the homepage before it released on Desura. Don't worry, I won't use these informations in the future.
Other requests (by e-mail or via twitter, facebook...) won't be taken into account.

Of course the original version of ASA that you bought on the homepage is still supported and will keep working :)
It's still the same game, with the exact same content !


Desura Digital Distribution

Don't forget to read my article "Should I buy ASA", which will explain what the game is, and help you know if you might be interested in or not.

ASA: A Space Adventure

Also, if you have ANY problem with the game, don't hesitate to contact me and ask your question. I'm doing my best to support everyone. 

ASA review on Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor just made a review of ASA :

Thanks to them !

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ASA released on Desura !

It's been more than a month that I've been working on a standalone version of ASA, in order to release it on Desura ! I had a lot of troubles with that, because the game is made with Adventure Maker, and this great soft doesn't support standalone games natively, even though the creator of AM is working hard on it. Anyway I finally made it, and you can now enjoy the game on Desura !

##SITENAME## Digital Distribution

Speaking of it, you may have noticed that the game is more expensive on Desura than on the ASA website (direct buy Paypal).
This is because :
- Desura takes a % of the sales
- You have the Desura support
- I spent hours working on the standalone version
- The Desura version includes the latest updates (already patched, comes with latest doc files, has a launcher, etc...)

I believe that the game is still low priced, and that you won't regret your purchase if you like 1st person adventures. You can be assured that buying ASA supports me a lot, and helps me to continue creating games. Anyway, it's up to you to choose how much you want to spend in such a game and you have 3 possibilities :
1 - Buy the 1.1 standalone version for 9,99€ on Desura and benefit of the small improvements
2 - Buy the 1.0 installer version for 6€ on the ASA homepage and install the latest updates manually
3 - Wait for sales on Desura and get the game for a much lower price !

It's like choosing between a standard edition and a better one :D

Thanks a lot for playing ASA !!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

New project : TBT teasing

I recently announced an all new project related to the world of ASA. Aren't you curious ?
Today you'll learn a little more, with the logo and a small part of a much bigger picture.

The logo shows 3 letters : TBT. What could they mean ? And what else can we see ? I think that this logo itself tells a lot.
The global shape reminds me a little of the Ark, viewed from the side... 

Then we have this very picture, extracted from a large artwork. Isn't that a Die in the hand ? If you've played ASA, you know what these Dice are ! But what's up whis this one ? Who's holding it ? Maybe he's... the new hero ?

More to come, with an all new blog dedicated to this great project ! Soon !!!