Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An all new project

Thanks to your support, I decided to work on an all new project ! Though it won't be an adventure game, it should please all people who like long stories and vast worlds. On top of that, it will take place in the world of ASA: A Space Adventure, in a different place, at a different time. I can't wait to let you know more!

"New Game Project" features :

- Will take place in the world of ASA, probably on planet Terra.

- Will happen in 2032, that is to say 21 years after Philippe Forté found the Cube, and 25 years before the events of ASA.
- Will have a parallel story to ASA : no need to know ASA to play this one, yet you will meet many familiar things in this new project if you already know ASA.
- Will introduce the son of Philippe Forté, Yan, as the new hero.
- The story will be much more developped than in ASA, with characters dialogues. It will be mostly based on my initial novel : The Black Tower (in reference to the Monolith).
- I won't work alone on this project, we are currently a team of 3 freelancers working on a small demo. Because we don't have funds, we will try to be crowdfunded.
- The game will probably be in 2.5D (2D environments with 3D characters) and should be created with Unity for PC and Mac, in english and french.
- It won't be an adventure game, which means you'll have to wait a little longer if you wanted an ASA2 (sorry). Yet it won't be an action game and should concentrate on an easy gameplay and an open world. 

More infos to come soon ! Stay tuned ! ;)