Sunday, January 20, 2013

ASA patch 1.1

You can now find a new page on the game homepage, simply entitled "updates". I'll add there any downloadable content. Today I uploaded a small patch which corrects minor bugs. All future updates will be described here on the devblog.

Installation :
This first patch will update the game from r1.0(original release) to r1.1 You need to set the destination folder of this patch where you installed ASA on your hard drive.
Example :
If you installed ASA in c:\program files\asa - a space adventure
--> then this is where you need to install this patch !

What's new with this file ? 
(it is a minor update)

- fixed : the human keyboard on PC Forte could be connected easily in specific conditions. 
- fixed : in the private room, on the digicode on the left, the "3" key didn't work correctly. 
- fixed : in the central room, after going out of the private room and looking behind you, the door was still closed. 
- corrected spelling : on some computers, the sentences written in Anterran language contained mistakes.