Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ASA & Windows 8

When my hard drive died (recently) I had to reinstall my system. Before, I was working on Windows 7 and everything was working great, I was happy. Seven seems to be quite appreciated by everyone, and I think it deserves it.

In order to be sure that ASA will work on the new Windows, I jumped at the chance and bought the Windows 8 update. Honestly, I was skeptical (I was afraid of the Vista syndrome), but my first surprise was very positive : it's really cheap at this time (30€, but the offer is limited in time) ! The installation went well, and I could install my usual programs without any problem. Even better : all my peripherals were immediately detected and the drivers installed without asking me anything !

And now, I can confirm that ASA will work perfectly on Windows 8 ! Good news, uh!

Maybe you want to ask : what about Win8 itself ?
Well... How many times did I read in the press that "Win8 is the new Vista" ? That it's just "an awful joke from Microsoft" ? That "you'd better stay on Seven until Win9 releases"

What I can answer to this for using Win8 on a normal PC (not a tablet) is that it's a good Seven ++.
That's simple : "8" is exactly the same than its predecessor, but it's better (with better ressource usage, more security...), except for the now well-known Start menu which won its new interface, and some functions here and there that will ask you a bit of time to adapt... for the best. 

So when I read that the new start menu is a sacrilege, I have to disagree, and I even say "thanks" to Microsoft. That's simple, I always thought that the old grey start menu was horrible, unuseful, poorly thought, and absolutely needed an update. Now, you have a nice panel with all the icons you want, colors, and you can go back to your desktop anytime ! It's not perfect yet, but I like the progress.

So I don't see the problem... Really.  Windows 8 is nice.