Thursday, November 15, 2012

3 words from the Beta-testers

Today, I decided to share the words of 3 beta testers who currently play the (almost) full version of the game.

<< ASA captures the isolation of Space in a furtive way; it uses an audio particularly eerie. Simon has created an experience, though subtle at some points, and obscure at other points, which reminds me of that first time playing Myst. It's up to the player to seek out the clues and story to move forward. In that sense ASA is a refreshing experience, supported by a very strong visual/aural foundation working in tandem. >> Matthew

<< ASA is a game that keeps you on the edge of your seat, because you dont know what's next ! It is a bit on the hard side but if you liked the Myst series, you love this game! >> Peter
<< I'm really glad that I'm part of this great game's beta team, because the game deserves it! As long as Simon proceeds with his work, this will become a great "professional" game, that would almost deserve a publisher! I like the fact that it's a point and click adventure, because it's one of my favorite genres. The in-game movies are awesome, they really are a great addition to the gameplay. I also like the music, it gives a nice ambient to the game.Really good work Simon! Keep it up! >> Deki

And as a bonus, you get a new picture of the game... and I won't tell you more about it for now :)