Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Working with great people

Today I'd like to make a special article to thank all the people who helped me so far on the ASA project.

- First, thanks to you who read this article, and maybe follow the blog from time to time ?

- Thanks to Karreo, past and current members. They're the music makers of ASA, and you can find several articles about them on this blog !
ASA music is composed by Stélian Derenne and supervised by Jeff K-ray.
Special thanks to Mathieu Legros who gave his opinion several times.

- Robert Neuendorf, a great man who's always willing to help. I even don't know him personally, but his involvment is awesome. He worked with me on the english localization, gave me some contacts and I know he'll help a lot during the beta-tests.

- The Adventure Maker community. All users of the AM forums are to be thanked, and particularly the ones who gave their opinion about the game of course. The AM software wouldn't be what it is now without them.
Giovanni Albanni, creator of the Adventure Maker software, is always trying to improve his produce. His help was and will be very important until the end of the project.

- Special thanks to the Beta-testers for their interest in the game. The job has not begun yet, but I know I can count on you : Juanjo Barceló, Peter Veldman, Stelian Derenne, Robert Neuendorf, Dejan Stanojevic, Samuel J. Venble, Christopher Clews, Matthew Donatelli and Mathieu Legros.

- If everything goes well, Steven Tidwell is gonna give his voice to Philippe Forté for the Diary. I cannot wait to hear it!

- Thanks also to the following online magazines, Adventure Gamers and IGM: the Indie Game Mag, who were the first ones to talk about ASA.

And to conclude, I would like to thank many other people, and please forgive me if I forgot you in the list ! You can contact me via my website if needed ( : it will help to complete the game credits for the final release.

Thanks to : The Adventure Gamers community, Nikos Patsiouras, up-voters on Steam Greenlight, Chrysalide Studio (and Tiphaine Renard for her advices), Yves Mesnard, Miao Zhao, all the people on Vimeo who liked my short film 2011: A Space Adventure (including Sam Morill from the vimeo staff), my friends and family who supported me... and all the talented people in the world who give me a lot of inspiration! 

Going back to work, I don't want to deceive you guys, and the game is not finished!