Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wallpaper #6 and demo info

Hi everyone! Thanks to all of you who downloaded the demo. I hope you could try it and that it made you curious about the game.
Today, I continue to share some ASA wallpapers and we reached the 6th one ! I think I'll make 7 in total, so you can change your desktop wallpaper each day of the week :p

About the demo : did you notice there are 2 demos in 1 ??? I could read comments about the second demo (Sunbath), but don't forget to try the first one (Beginning). You make your choice in the main menu via the image split.

Some people asked me :

- Is there an ending in the demo, or can we just wander here and there to watch the environments ?
Yes, there IS an "ending" for each demo : if you solve the puzzles, you will see a black screen with the text "end of demo".

- It's too hard, I don't know what to do !
Of course it's hard, it's an adventure game, and a Myst-like :) But these two demos are easy compared to the full game!!!
What I can do is give some advice by mail, so don't hesitate to contact me.
OR best choice : just try by yourself a little more, and wait until friday for I post a walkthrough on this blog !

- I have an error about a 32-bits problem. Or the antivirus says something about silent.exe !
I know, and I apologize for that, but I can assure your computer is not in danger ;) See the previous post !

Finally, I'd like to relay this article about the demo release on AdventureGamers :