Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I was about to post a very short article with the 6th wallpaper. I was about to say : "don't worry, the demo will come soon ! Come back tomorrow to get it".
I had decided to wait for more comments from my friends who had the chance to play the demo already.
I was about to wait one more day, thinking of the quality of the demo.
Is it good ? Not as much as I want. Is it representative of the full game ? No, not at all : the main focus of ASA can't be found in the demo.
So... ?

So I just decided I had to take the plunge, even if that means you could be deceived. You can download the playable demo of ASA here. Right NOW.

download ASA : pre-beta demo
 size : 275 MB

Of course, you can send me your feeling by mail ! You'll find my address on my personal website : http://www.simonmesnard.fr
Have fun ! And thanks for playing !

Demo limitations :
- the ASA demo will only run in windowed mode in 1024x432 (the full version will run in fullscreen).
- save/load function and main menu disabled.
- the sound effects are not implemented during gameplay.
- restricted to 2 short areas of the game with easy puzzles.
- it is a pre-beta version, which means it doesn't include any of the future improvements of the beta-tests.
- english only.

Recommended system :
PC only
CPU: 2 GHz processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
GPU : graphic card with 128MB VRAM
Free Space: 300 MB
OS: Windows 8, 7, vista