Monday, October 8, 2012

Overview of the areas

It was announced already : ASA is divided in various areas, in which you have to find the secrets and solve puzzles. Through the pictures posted lately, you already had a preview of these areas, but to make things clear, let's go with a summary. This will make your exploration much easier !

The space
Most of the game takes place on the Ark, a strange spaceship. It can move instantly from a galaxy to another. There are 3 galaxies you can reach, and each one is represented by a planet in the game. Everything starts near Terra, the planet where you - as the hero - are born. Then, when you find new planet coordinates, the Ark moves to a new galaxy where you can visit another planet.

The Ark
The spaceship is probably the biggest place to play. It's divided in 7 areas. From the Central room, you can choose where to go. You will need to find the secrets to open some doors...

The planets
Once you will know how to move the Ark, you can visit 2 planets. Their names were given by Philippe Forté. Planet Kepler is a vast desertic planet, but an oasis was a good place for some natives to build a village. Plenet Forté is a paradise world, with turquoise sea, and it seems to be the place where Philippe Forté chose to live for a while...

The mysterious places
Some areas are closed or can't be reached from the beginning. Makes you want to visit them, uh ?