Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Introducing the Cube

<< [...] Try to find your way on the Ark, and always keep the Cube with you. It'll be very helpful sometimes. And more than helpful, it also contains a part of the knowledge I was speaking of before, and it will be slowly transmitted to you during your journey. So don't lose it ! >> Philippe Forté's diary, page 4.

The Cube is the key to the Ark. This is where it all begins. You - the hero - find this black strange cube during your mission in space. You're somehow hypnotized by it : it's calling you. And when you decide to take it in your hands, accepting your own death due to a lack of oxygen, the Cube finally saves you : you're being teleported aboard the Ark and you can start the real quest. Something similar happened to P. Forté 46 years ago, and you'd better find what became of him ! When you hold the Cube, some strange radiations seem to fill your body, and Forté could probably tell you more about that... What is this knowledge he's speaking of in his diary ?