Monday, October 1, 2012

Introducing the ark

<< [...] I'm all alone but not on a spaceship, even if it could probably be called one. Personally, I'd call it an Ark, because that's what it is to my eyes. This awesome structure is protecting an impressive quantity of data. And not just any kind of data : it's the knowledge of all past and present living  beings!!! >> Philippe Forté's diary, page 3.

P. Forté is not the hero of ASA : you are. But you'll depend on his diary to progress in your quest ! Here, he speaks of his first days after he found a Cube, just as you did 40 years later. He woke up aboard the Ark, a strange unknown structure which has to deliver its secrets. It's divided into 6 areas that you need to explore closely if you want to leave this place...