Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gameplay video

As promised, here's a gameplay video. I'm sorry, I had some issues recording video and audio...

What can you see in this video ? Well, it's a very small part of the game, I still don't want to show too much.

In this part of the game, the hero is on the Ark (a spaceship) and wants to go by step on Planet Forté. So he goes to the teleport station of the ship and uses the device. But the Ark is not in the right place of the Space (Planet Forté is too far) and the teleport station doesn't detect any other teleport pod near the current position.

So, the hero goes to the Bridge and uses a device to change the position of the Ark in Space. He looks for new coordinates in his diary, enters these coordinates, then the whole ship is "transported" to a new area of the Space. Planet Forté is now detected on a monitor. 

The hero just needs to go back to the teleport station, and he activates it. He's finally teleported to Planet Forté.