Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Designing the hero : you !

I'm not a character designer, so making the hero of ASA was one of the biggest challenges. I took the inspiration in my favourite sci-fi stories.

2057 : you're in a mission to repair an old satellite. This scenario all alone decided what the hero would look like. 2057 means futuristic, but the date had to be taken seriously as it is not far from our time. The hero's suit wasn't supposed to be too exotic ! When I designed the hero for A Space Adventure, Mass Effect was the big reference and it necessarily inspired me. But a copy was excluded, so I kept what I liked :  the synthetic materials, which are a good image of the future. Then I had to simplify the model : the designs of the suits in ME are awesome but ASA is a game with more pritive shapes, and the hero is not a heavy warrior. I thought the Star Wars stormtrooper was a perfect example, and it became my main reference for the 3d modeling. To be honest, I was also very interested in the designs of Stargate Universe, and you can probably feel it in the final result (yeah, the helmet among other things)...