Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Demo issue

 Issue 1 : 32-bits error?

Maybe you got an error message during the installation of the demo about a 32-bits compatibility problem. This is not related to the game, but to the installation of Xvid codecs silently.

If you get this error, the game will run correctly, but :
 - if you don't have the Xvid codecs installed, you need to download and install manually the latest version for windows here.
- if you already have the Xvid codecs installed, you dont have anything to do, the game should run with no problem.

In the case where the codecs are not correctly installed, the videos won't play during the game. So if you don't see the videos while playing, please try to install manually the Xvid codecs !
This shall not happen on 64-bits machines...

 Issue 2 : antivirus notification?

This issue is all linked to the previous one. The silent install of the Xvid codecs is made from a file called silent.exe

Looks like some antivirus think it's problematic. I can assure it's NOT. Silent.exe is absolutely virus-free ! I made it myself, it's a batch file (converted into an exe) with some code to run the Xvid installer silently (calling the /verysilent option), so you don't have to install them manually.

For those of you who had the problem and are wondering what they can do, there are 2 ways to solve this problem. Make your choice :
- you trust me and choose to change the antivirus settings (Norton ?) so it allows silent.exe to make its job.
- or you don't really trust me and you can re-download the ASA demo using the original link. I just made a modification in the installation process and you will be prompted to install the Xvid codecs manually, with the original Xvid installer.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, this will be solved in the final release of the game.
Thanks for your understanding.