Monday, October 29, 2012

ASA OST : ready !

Today I'm glad to announce that the ASA OST is done and ready, and will be a 18 tracks album. The Karreo team is proud to invite you to the "release event" the 1st of december on their facebook page, here !
If you like their work, and if you want to support the game, just click to say you want to participate to the online event, and spread the word on facebook !

You probably want to hear some extracts before clicking the above "event link". That's why the people of Karreo made a special OST (understand a teasing OST) of 5 tracks here, entitled The Cobalt-5 Album. The name Cobalt-5 may sound familiar to you, because it's the name of a satellite in ASA (the game).

Finally, if you like the music made by Karreo, you can listen to their past works.